14 thoughts on “Крещение и прорубь (Cold awakening in Ukraine)

  1. Rant Therapist says:

    Peter post more videos of your day to day life bro! We are your fans and want to follow every part of your journey. You make very interesting videos and I'm glad I found your channel following you when you moved into that happy loving Ukrainian family for some time…glad I found your channel. I'm glad you have found our people to be good people as many times people tend to see our people look grumpy or kind of aggressive on the outer core, but once you get to know us we are very good friendly people…it's just the environment probably makes the people tough like that on the outer core.

  2. Rant Therapist says:

    Peter I wish I could subscribe to you 50 times. Shame I can only do it once. You're are the man! I moved from Ukraine in the late 90s and now live on the West Coast. I don't visit much back although I have a few times so watching your videos is a treasure. Thank you brother!

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