16 thoughts on “Мирослава Гонгадзе. Відверта розмова (Myroslava Gongadze)

  1. Florian H. says:

    Peter, feminism has brought many positives but also NEGATIVES to the western world. I'm from Germany but have been to the Ukraine plenty of times, and I'm a generation younger than you – 26. Woman have been manipulated for decades to believe they want to be equal to men, work like men etc. but they don't.
    And you are completely right with your brief touches on intergender dynamics (power game, nice guys etc.) but it's always difficult to discuss this topic with a woman and even with men it's difficult. Many men are not aware of all this and they fail in result. On the other hand, woman do not like to admit that they test a man, that it is a power game etc. but are completely aware of it at least.

    I disagree with what Myroslava said around the minutes 7-9. This is what most woman say, but it's not what they actually want or respond to in reality. Never ask the fish how to be fished and you can clearly see the influence on her living in the US for so many years. Ask the same question a Ukrainian woman that hasn't been abroad for years and years and she will give completely different answers.

    She also doesn't understand, in my opinion, much about the education system and the way it's designed. It totally fits the female gender, the work you do there, the classes, the way exams, homework etc. work. Most of kindergarten and school teachers are women etc. but it should be balanced. Men/boys are different, they like other work, but the school system has not been very practical for boys and men anymore.

    Also when she talks about women getting smarter and taking over the world. That's exactly what is happening in a way, not actually in a leadership way, but in a way that MEN in the western world have been brainwashed for decades now to be nice guys, that are always friendly and available for the woman. Basically doing everything for the women. And these are exactly the men that are not successful with women today, that get walked over, divorced and left alone. It goes so far in the western world, as you probably know, that we men get called toxic and we are not supposed "to be boys anymore just because we are boys". Many of us have forgotten how to be a MAN. And woman like playing this game but then wonder why they are unhappy with men of today. This is EXACTLY what is happening in the western world.

    If the system changes like this in Ukraine over the next decades it will be the same like it is in the US now.

    I can only say this again, woman say a lot of stuff, but if you are a decently successful man in terms of woman, you'll know what they respond to. Most of the time it doesn't correlate with what they say.

  2. Eugene M says:

    Були часи, коли жінка не могла сама заробляти, могли лише чоловіки. Тепер це стало простіше, і чоловіки уже не так потрібні)

  3. yaroslav says:

    Природою так влаштовано, що чоловіки завжди будуть більш успішні, в кінечному результаті. Більш логічний, активний підхід до справ (не секрет, більшістю жінок керують емоції), ну і жага до конкурентності/боротьби. З часом % успішних змінюється, звичайно, але в цілому суттєвих змін не буде. +часто самі жінки не хочуть "пахати", як чоловік, і в україні це не прийнято. Але і завжди є виключення з правил 🙂

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