40 thoughts on “진짜 제주도민의 감성 제주여행 VLOG🌊

  1. Violet.7 vk. says:

    The video made me feel relaxed and comfortable. This reminds me of the beauty of the seas in Oman, how much I love them (air, voice, and view), and how each beach differs from the other.
    Thank you 💛
    { it help me during quarantine}

  2. Malak Shamasneh says:

    هاي كيم
    اجيت من قناة سعوي ريبورترز … عبدالله وعبدالعزيز
    الحلقة كانت جميلة جدا ,,, اعمل حلقة معهم ع قناتك 😘🥰🥰🥰

  3. Manar Hamdy says:

    I have just found your channel and watched some videos..
    This one is really really amazing..
    Like a short movie.. excellent work Chomad :))
    Fighting ✌🏼🌷🌷

  4. heni pusbintari says:

    @chomad I can see that you've got lots of love from your fans worldwide.hope it can motivate you to create more amazing n inspiring vlog.but anytime you feel tired of this vlogging work,just take a break n just see everything by your own eyes coz your happines must go first than others n enjoying the nature by your own is the best way to get happines as a traveller.at least that's what i feel when i stopped vlogging hehe

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