29 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD TRAVEL to KAZAKHSTAN 🇰🇿 (pусские субтитры)

  1. Whitefox121 says:

    I'm thinking of going to Astana in May do u know can u fly directly there from UK or do u have to fly to almaty first any help and information would be greatly appreciated many thanks for ur time and help

  2. Kaven Borbon says:

    Hi Peter, I may suggest that next on your travel vlogs would be East Asia (mainland China, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea) and Southeast Asian (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Timor Leste) countries – also attractive places but also misunderstood by Western media folks

  3. MakeLove NOT War says:

    Thank you for sharing! … and for me, one of many reason I wanted to visit this country is because of Dimash Kudaibergen. I love Dimash😋 and I love Kazakhstan 🥰 Really looking forward to visit this country in the near future!

  4. Monte Whitefield says:

    Hey Peter, Great video ! I would have never thought to visit Kazakhstan but after watching your series on this country, I definitely would go there ! I thank you for that! All the best, Monte

  5. Christopher O'Neill says:

    Hi Peter, thanks for your video. I lived in Almaty for a couple of years and I can verify all you say is true. Thanks for letting people know. Almaty really is a great, quite modern city and the people are very friendly and open. The highlight for me is the spectacularly beautiful big mountains (up to 5000 metres high) so close by with skiing, climbing, hiking etc. The city itself can be a bit hot in the middle of summer (and a bit polluted in winter with all the coal fired central heating plants) but beautiful parks and fountains everywhere. Highly recommended!

  6. Departures1 says:

    Nice video but it seems most of this is based on Almaty which is a Soviet city and felt like I was in East Germany not Central Asia. I did a big triangle from Astana down to Shymkent, then across to Almaty. Shymkent is completely different, historically part of "the region of Uzbekistan", and has much more Uzbek and Central Asian culture. It's worth visiting the town of Sayram, Taraz, Turkestan for their rich Uzbek culture and religious architecture, as well as ancient archaeological sites of Sairam and Otrar. As well they have amazing sleeper trains connecting the country, best of the Soviet countries I've been to. I have a lengthy blog of my trip https://v2.travelark.org/travel-blog/londone7/44. The best thing you forgot is it's completely visa free which makes a huge difference! Thanks.

  7. Gotta Go says:

    You will be really happy you went there. Go meet Kazakhstan! Peter described the parts that concerns foreigners the most! And he did it pretty well!
    But there are so much more of awesomeness that he didnt mention. Perhaps thats all for you to discover!

    Welcome to Kazakhstan!

  8. Jay R Loredo says:

    I met lots of local Kazakhs already and some of them became my good friends already. Love their people aside from their nature and culture. Hope to have a good camera like yours. 🙂 🙂 🙂 To show also vibrantly the beauty of Kazakhstan. Hope you can visit my channel about Kazakhstan's beauty and please subscribe and ring the bell and like and leave your comment also. Thanks for this video that shows me of what else I need to say more of Kazakhstan.

  9. fuld spak says:

    0:26 Peter, Астана (Astana) это столица 🇰🇿, а то что тебе сказали что то другое это не правильно, это тебе видать сказали неверные люди своему народу. Так что, AS-TA-NA!

  10. Aк. Ак. says:

    Kazakistan is a secular state. Most people are just cultural Muslims or cultural Christians. I call them holiday Muslims. They celebrate Muslim and pagan holidays. Most of the time people just work, have fun and drink. Too much religion always gets in the way of living. Check out local pop stars at https://youtu.be/KifJ5bbDCg4

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