39 thoughts on “ABANDONED THEME PARK IN CHERNOBYL (Ghost Town)

  1. Jay Dawson says:

    Nick, I absolutely love all of your videos. You're so informative, your tour guides are always on form and I love how much you teach me. Thank you for keeping on giving for us 🤗

  2. KWells says:

    Scary that your camera is also picking up the radiation. The morse code noise is radiation messing with the electronics in the amp circuit in your camera.

  3. DS Rai says:

    I won’t ask what the locals are like. It’s funny how buildings just fall apart and nature eventually takes over given enough time. Were you tempted to take a souvenir?

  4. Ally says:

    sooo, question.. why can they touch the stuff around them like the walls, furniture, and those icicles? is that not enough radiation to contaminate their skin and god forbid they touch their eyes/mouth?

  5. shane lauer says:

    The statement “the only thing you need is family and friends” doesn’t mean much when one has no friends and almost the whole family are passed on both sides. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to abandoned.

  6. Stephen Davis says:

    I feel this is all staged for you, Nick. There is no such thing as nuclear power or weapons. That's to keep the people scared. Why would they decontaminate the entire town? It's easy to plant some nuclear isotopes here and there in spots for the tourists (the levels all seem really low.) Or just fake the meter. How convenient that the problem was noticed and resolved once the military took over. Who knows what really happened….

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