32 thoughts on “AZERBAIJAN IS DIFFERENT. 🇦🇿

  1. Disruptic says:

    I had heard of this country before but thought it was a shitty country since I hadn’t seen anything bout it but after my school organized a trip I am really excited for it

  2. Al-Fath says:

    Diqqet, butun Azerbaycanlilardan Xahish edirem bu reyimi like etsinler ve kanalima yazilsinlar. Bizim istehsal etdiyimiz yaglar minlerle insana Allahin izni ile komek olmushdur. Bize destek olun. 🇦🇿 comment from Azerbaijan. 🇦🇿

  3. Av63PNT0 says:

    President Borat of the banana republic of Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 is so loved by his people he made his wife Vice President 😂 he has 86% of the vote the highest of any leader except kim jung un of North Korea. He such a great leader that his people dont need or want freedom of speech or press, God bless president Borat 🇦🇿

  4. Super Haze says:

    How do cities like Minsk and Baku keep the streets so clean from trash and graffiti? Seriously. Do they pay the cleaners ridiculous salaries, are the laws for littering/vandalism way more intense? As an Urban Planner, it blows my mind…. whether it is economically driven or cultural.

  5. Tural says:

    We had a Lada back when I lived in Azerbaijan. All I remember, though it was a loooong time ago, is that suspension really wasn’t a word in the cars vocabulary.

  6. VJ says:

    Another petro-dollars video, paid and orchestrated by this so called country of Azerbaijan to legitimse itself as a real country
    Azerbaijan minus Armemian teritirories is part of the greater IRAN called ARRAN and SHIRVAN.

  7. Orkhan Aliyev says:

    Thank you! Azerbaijan really need these kind of attentions from overseas. I really enjoyed your video. Wish you the best of luck for your further trips.

    P.s useful tip: More than 92% of Azerbaijani people have same nationality as Turkish people and we call it as " One Nation and Two Countries" 🇦🇿🇹🇷

  8. Everette Epting says:

    You’re so good. I want to start a Chanel for seniors. Would you be interested in helping me get folks out there? It would take some science. It would make a lot of seniors enjoy their lives.
    I’ve traveled my whole life. Get back to me on my travel experiences.

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