25 thoughts on “BATHING IN PETROL NAKED in Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

  1. Indigo Traveller says:

    This made me smell like petrol for quite a while after the bath but was totally worth the strange experience! Like I mentioned at the end of the video, I will see you in a few weeks once I return from a mysterious country with a bunch of video footage to share with you all, the country that I am travelling to has internet restrictions so that is the reason for the upcoming gap in video uploads like I mentioned in past videos. Can't wait to share the coming videos with you! Also, please let me know what you thought of the last 3 videos, even if you don't usually comment, I would love to hear your feedback, it helps me to improve! Have a good few weeks and I will see you soon! Peace, Nick ✌️☮️

  2. Carpe Diem says:

    Those photos are signs of dictatorship… We do not want to see them!… And oil, guys, this is not actual oil, it is just called oil, different that actual oil and it is for treatment

  3. MickNJ1979 says:

    I am sorry but there is no way in hell can this be good in any way for your skin, seriously that's what they make your car run on you think it is good for you, get real bs I do not belive it.

  4. Pfano Mbedzi says:

    This is lovely. My dream is to travel the world, not go to fancy areas but to have the experience of the local areas and the local peoples and learn more about the local peoples. I don't wanna travel and be locked away in a fancy all inclusive resort unless if I am traveling for holiday (something I could actualy do in my home country). Quick question tho: How do you finance your travels?

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