34 thoughts on “BEST SOVIET HOTEL! (+ biggest NUCLEAR bomb shelter in UKRAINE) 🇺🇦

  1. Святослав Ігорович says:

    1:50 -these are not Vikings. These are the three brothers princes Kiy, Schek, Horiv and their sister, Princess Libid. Founders of Kyiv. And they are from the local tribe of Polyana. The main tribe of Kyivan Rus, which inhabited the middle Dnieper. The basis of the Ukrainian nation. The Vikings only served as mercenaries to the Kiyv kings …

  2. Andy Manning says:

    What another lovely video,and seeing how much Kyiv has changed and changing since i was last there in 2014…Certainly more upbeat and lively since the Maidan situation end of 2013 ,start of 2014.A really sad experience attending classes through a battlezone. I do hope Ukraine and others in the area can resolve things, building for a future that all can gain.Glad you mentioned the bombshelter stations of the metro..

  3. C. Roman says:

    Bald and bankrupt would approve of the hotel. Btw, have you considered making a collaboration with him? I'm sure that some of his viewers would love to see your content.

  4. steve94044 says:

    Ukraine is a stunning beautiful country. Beautiful people and cities. It’s not the October revolution scenes today that we saw on CNN and Vice some years ago.


    Привет!) Очень нравятся твои видео. Приятно и необычно смотреть и узнавать о своей стране, своем городе с подачи иностранца. Интересно с какого города США ты родом и есть ли оттуда какие то видео..

  6. Павло Шедь says:

    Дуже приємно що люди із далеку розповідають про Україну туристичну.
    Велике вам дякую.
    Бажаю розвитку вашому каналу і більше підписників.
    Завітайте до нас в Хмельницький також радив би в Камянець-Подільський. Дякую

  7. Elizabeth Cox says:

    They have a washington monument replica and something like the JFK monument too. I think that is interesting how places have replicas or we have their replicas in our countries I am not sure which.

  8. Alexey Libov says:

    Peter that's very nice and interesting videos from you about Ukraine. That's so weird that you appreciate all of that we have in Kiev:) I'd also reccomend you to visit Odessa some day, there is lot's of interesting places in that city as well.

  9. Прозревший Алень says:

    Have you been to Mamaeva Sloboda? It's a cossacks settlement with a bunch of wooden huts and other stuff next to National Aviation University. It's better to visit it on some holiday like Independence day or Constitution day in the end of June. Also I recommend visiting Aviation Museum that's not far from airport Zhulyani. And if you like nature and flowers you may wanna go to Співоче поле to take some nice photos. Just google it, I don't know how to say it properly, maybe Singing Field, sounds weird, but that's it. It's not far from World War museum. But it's opened for like 3 weeks or so, from the end of August to 15th of September I guess.

  10. Прозревший Алень says:

    Well, actually I didn't know they let you in to get upstairs and enjoy the city panorama from the roof of the hotel. Gonna check that out when I have time to get to Arsenalna. Thanks for the video. There was also a weird building near Lybidska metro station, it was like flying saucer aka UFO. But I don't know what was inside of it, people say that was a scientific library. Just google "UFO Lybidska"

  11. Nickolas Bochkarev says:

    There is nothing creative or nice about that hotel. Its an egotistical backlash against traditional architecture. Made for for the mass man with no soul, it simple novelty that wears out when another novelty replaces it. Question for you. Did it contribute to the block or street, or ruin the look and harmony of it? If the whole block was full of similar building would you be so attracted to it? Would it be harmonious. etc.

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