44 thoughts on “BISHKEK, KYRGYZSTAN 🇰🇬(русские субтитры)

  1. TheMAnimal617 says:

    Very cool. I had wondered a lot about the country reading about the Persians and Sogdians history and it kind of caught my imagination. Looks quite worth the trip beautiful scenery and people.

  2. Michael Walters says:

    I lived in Bishkek from 2003 to 2005. Molodaya Gvardiga and Bokon bayeva…..breakfast at Fatboys on Chui….lunch at Navigators …..dancing at Golden Bull and a friend of Johnny's…….underground at Old Edgars Place…….shopping the Dordoi bazaar……fav dining at 12 Chimneys……and long weekends on Issyk Kul……

  3. SISchminka says:

    14:55 Ключевые слова всех видео: "Жители всех стран хорошие. Да, обычно (ВСЕГДА) политика становится проблемой." // Keywords of all videos: "Every country's people are very good. Yes, politics is usually (ALWAYS) the problem." — Peter Santenello

    So mr. Santenello, ask yourself what you can do for a better future of our descendants, because it is high time, that you 'Americans' step on the toes of corrupt and alienating politicians in Washington, banksters from the FED and Wall street https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XBQ6qZ9MVw , instead of licking the soles of Judas, Pharisees, false Jews, mentioned 'nations' (besides Englishmen) in complicity parasitize the whole world, all nations and countries, even each individual. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8Dd-6P68Oo

  4. Jeremy Manuel says:

    I love your videos man. I'm literally going to watch every one you've made.
    Also you are one of the most cultured Americans ever and you don't know who Peter Griffin is? lol?

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