32 thoughts on “BISHKEK to ALMATY ROADTRIP (with a local) 🇰🇿🇰🇬

  1. Tarek Youssef says:

    Your videos are really inspiring, I also love Kyiv and lived there for a few years, but the videos made me keen to visit more places in that part of the world. How do you earn your living ?

  2. Anthon Deutsch says:

    Like your video but I always call police officers officer or by their title and not bro, think about it would you call a police officer bro in America? I love your videos, have not travelled as much as you but have lived studied or worked in all continents except Australia, and travelled to over 300 cities, y2 countries.

  3. Aibara Kulataeva says:

    I am very sorry that our compatriots did this with you, we tried to take the extra money so that it’s cheap for you, next time we are waiting with good intentions
    in fact, there is a lot of interesting things in Kyrgyzstan, we haven’t seen much more, we are waiting for you

  4. MrKGST says:

    Hi! I am from Kyrgyzstan, but I lived in Bay Area for two years 🙂 Your videos about my country are amazing! They help westerners to discover our part of the World. You did a great job!

  5. Taryn Gesmundo says:

    Thanks for your videos. They're really informative, well-made and entertaining. I especially like how you take us along with your impressions and suspicions (even though they turned out thankfully, to be wrong in Zamir's case) as I'll be travelling alone with my small daughter and it's really good to be aware of stuff that goes on, that you may read about – but very rarely see in videos on YT.

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