1. Slew ynn says:

    Na tsá!
    Igazábol most bukkantam rád a top 10es tippes videot kezdtem miután megtaláltam amit 0:28 màsodperc utan fantasztikus élmény lessz végig nézni. Számomra ez egy èlettükőr. Ami a legjobbkor jött mert pont most indulok.. eza [email protected] Corona cuccmàk.. na mind1.
    Majd miután vègig néztem a 3000km ìrok egypár jó szót!

  2. Tobi says:

    Great video i just bought a bike in Vietnam as well. Thete are many offers at the facebook group vietnam buy and sell. No registration needet just riding 🙂

  3. Dylan Roberts says:

    Was it legal for you to be driving that in Vietnam? Watching these videos has made me really want to do the same thing. I think driving a scooter would take some getting used to but at the same time I think it would be an UNFORGETTABLE experience, however I wouldn't want to get in any legal trouble in Vietnam.

  4. Vanya Sefiyanti says:

    This channel is really good to enrich my culture info.. Ive never been traveling around asia though im livin in asia. Thank you btw for showing us every side and stories in every country in asia dude

  5. Alex Hagendorf says:

    Nick! My trip to Vietnam is approaching. Right now I have 5,000,000 Vietnam Dong. For my 9 day stay, it works out so I have Roughly $24 USD to spend per day. What's your opinion on this budget and how much do you think you spent per day during your time there? In mind I have food, petrol, accommodation, & maybe a taxi or two. Anything else you suggest? Much appreciated in advance Nick. Cheers!

  6. Chris Brown says:

    Wow I can't wait to watch this series! I'm planning my trip to Vietnam for next year (April) and I'm very interested to see your experience doing the things I've been planning for the past month.

  7. Jon Nathan says:

    I know the Vietnam trip may be old news for you, but you did a great job capturing your adventure. It was really inspiring for me. I love motorcycles and I already had the trip planned before I saw your vlog. So much good info here. I travelled from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh in 3 weeks ending April 26th 2017. I really had an unforgettable experience. Its such a beautiful country. I was blown away with the generosity of the people. Like really. Being from the US I expected different.if I could be 1/2 as generous to complete strangers as I was treated It would be a feat. Every day was better than the next. I ended up donating the motorcycle at the end To an orphanage. I feel like this is a start. You are great nick. Keep traveling!!

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