27 thoughts on “Cape Town Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. marez marezic says:

    You can't pay me to go there. One of the nastiest nations in the world. I won't forget how they were attacking and killing fellow black African Zimbabweans, did they forget what happened to them 30 years ago..

  2. Albert Nash says:

    Cape Town looks like a beautiful place for a vacation. I can’t wait to see more Expedia travel guide videos in Africa like for Johannesburg, Lagos, and Cairo, etc..

  3. Joao Sousa Nascimento says:

    As a Brazilian I always try to compare Cape Town with Rio de Janeiro, but I gotta be honest: RIO CANNOT OLD CAPE TOWN`S CANDLE! Totally hands down. It`s just insanely breathtaking and the architecture, MY WORD! Congrats South Africa for such beautiful, well kept city.

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