35 thoughts on “Climbing a HUGE VOLCANO in CHILE 🇨🇱🌋 (Travel Vlog)

  1. Indigo Traveller says:

    Hope you enjoy this one, it was of the most fun adventures I have been on in a long time! There is nothing like going for an adventure in the mountains(or volcanos) with no real plan and seeing what unfolds, such a blast! I am planning to take a short break from creating videos but I will release a separate video explaining the plan in a weeks time. Thanks for your patience and hope you are having a great day wherever you are. Cheers, Nick ❤

  2. Andrew B says:

    Very beautiful. I am intrigued at the red soil and rock. It is so red it looks like cinnabar. But maybe it is red like the scoria on Mt Tarawera.

  3. MikaelBO2King says:

    I Love Chile i have been in chillan, los angeles and pucon miss it now when i saw this. Have to say your dronevideos so nice pure perfection what an nature!! keep it up mate!:)

  4. Carlys says:

    I think your channel is much better than any other travel channel here on youtube. Youre not an annoying couple with a selfie stick yelling hysterically and smiling their idiotic fake smiles in every thumbnail. Youre not some little shirtless jerk in Greece or some other luxury beach resort (where the water is an overly saturated blue) promoting themselves in their video that is so overly edited you dont actually see whats going on. Youre just a guy who obviously loves going to new places – places that are much less traveled. You go by yourself. Your commentary is actually informative. The video is about the place – not about you. You always show respect and you interact with locals. Youre not pretentious at all – thats so rare! And you keep it real and honest – Ok, some of your earlier videos I found a bit annoying because you edited in a lot of movie scenes and references, a bit overdone in my opinion. But thats totally forgivable. Keep up the good work! Youre the only travel channel I actually like!

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