1. youcef DeepDS says:

    hello mate i enjoyed the video i want to know what to do to travel in countries like bangladesh, philippine myanmar ect just like you do, what are the important steps and thanks for the video

  2. M M says:

    Thanks 🙏 you pictured Bangladesh very well ! There are lots of tiny things all over in Bangladesh which carries huge history and more you look closely you will be amazed! It has amazing natural beauty.

  3. Nabiha Tahsin says:

    In Bangladesh Dhaka is most densely populated. The population crisis decreased the beauty of the place & polution goes on also. You can see the real beauty of the country if you visit other citys like cox-bazar, Sylet, Sundarban etc.

  4. ray karim says:

    This city, along with many Indian cities were heavily inhabited by the British during the colonial times. Feel yourself at home mate..Technically you should not need visa to visit Bangladesh

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