42 thoughts on “EVEREST BASE CAMP DAY 1 – Most Dangerous Airport in the World

  1. PPPaula says:

    how wild, i was there the day of the earthquake as well but I was at Kathmandu Guest House. Good to see you came back too! Im coming back to Nepal this April for this trek! i can't wait 🙂

  2. Hugh Jazz says:

    4:10 Your guide was misinformed, it is not the highest airport in the world.
    Not even in the Top 10 or Top 20 or even Top 30…. Its he 37th Highest Airport in the world
    But no doubt, its one of the scariest !!!!! and Most memorable.

  3. Denise G- Hill says:

    Fantastic what a view and what a bridge. Takes your breath away. I couldnt manage all this now, wish i had been able to afford it when I was younger but a lot of us then (in the 70s and 80s couldn't).

  4. benjamin lomas says:

    Hey bro, Love your videos. Who did you book your tour with? Im looking for a respectable company to book with as looking to head out in November. Any help would be great

  5. Jmdenali says:

    The first time I came across your work was your North Korean adventure which I thought was very well done and intriguing. So I decided to watch your Everest work. I was totally blessed with the scenery and the majesty of God’s creation, until you added something very ugly and disgusting at the end. Your highlighting of the two guys proposing on that mountain totally destroyed it for me, and not to mention for some of the others who worked so hard to reach Base Camp and were not quite so as “politically correct” as you are. Again, you do great work, you are professional in your demeanor, yet when you start pushing certain nasty lifestyles down our throats as something beautiful, it’s game over mate. You used much wisdom in your comportment while filming the DRK. Yet you lost that wisdom somewhere on that high trail!

  6. DEREK HARLEY says:

    There is no such thing as the ENGLISH military, because England is not an independent country. Perhaps we should call the New Zealand army the Australian army, just because it is based next door to that country. When will foreigners realise that England does not have its own government or military or queen? Get informed?

  7. Travel Gypsee says:

    Hey. Nice work. We were there for Christmas holidays 2017. The lukla landing was phenomenal. U shud have sit on the left side of the plane. Sum nasty views of snow capped himalayan peaks all along. It gives you goosebumps. Great story✌🏻

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