16 thoughts on “Exploring a WAR TUNNEL // Củ Chi Vietnam

  1. Glenn Magann says:

    Hi Nick. Loving your videos. Visited Vietnam in 2013 and went on the tour of the Chu Chi tunnels. It was as you said very interesting, but went I went into the tunnels and had to crawl I actually thought I was going to die. It was a very scary moment for me. I coudnt breathe and the tunnel was full of people. I could not go backwards or forwards and just had to wait for everyone to start moving. But other than that a great trip with Intrepid. Cheers Glenn

  2. Tropic Lightning2020- says:

    (OPERATION RANCH HAND)Released and sprayed by US air force from the sky. Agent Orange was used to defoliate vegetation in tunnel areas to help locate them and other types enemy strongholds . Agent orange was not used on entrance of tunnels because it was not that kind of weapon. US ground soldiers would use CS gas/riot gas at entrance or explosive frag grenades, C4 explosives, M37 demo kit. In some case the hole would be simply bulldozed over.

  3. Neil Uk says:

    I went in the Cu Chi Minh tunnels once. I felt so claustrophobic, particularly when my partner stopped in front of me to take my photo. I had to get out the first opportunity.

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