1. Jakub Ruščin says:

    What about a return to Slovakia? Did you think about that? If you like I could show you our hidden gems and be your guide for a few days or a week. There is so much to see…you would be amazed that there are a lot of beauty in the Eastern Slovakia and other, not so popular mountains. I am travel enthusiast 😀 and even have a university degree from geography so I know about places which other people (even Slovaks) didn't know they exist. So if you have time and want to come, let me know 😉

  2. Tim Guttesen says:

    I've been coming to Slovakia for over ten years, im English, my partner is from near a ski resort in North West Slovakia, mountains, clean air, and other good things. I'm here right now, was 28 degrees yesterday up the mountain, cool air, was great. One criticism, when you say, north east Europe, that would be Latvia Lithuania etc, Slovakia is slam bang in the middle, sorry 😉be careful of ticks too

  3. Francois Johannson says:

    Your Music/Video-Mixes are great, but it's a little disruption, when the soundtrack to your slovakian mountain-landscape is some brooklyn hip-hop.
    Every country has his own subset of rap and electronic music in the language of that country, why don't you use that? The only non-english word in the soundtrack to this video is CABRON(spanish an means Dude).

  4. katie stewart says:

    Hello! Thanks for uploading. Im visiting slovakia in april, could u tell me where in slovakia this is where you camped? And is it easy to get to from the cuty bratislava?Thank you

  5. SkiFi Sk Music says:

    Slovakia is not East Europe … aside that fatal mistake it´s a nice video 😉 (belonging to the "Ostblock" against the will of people for 20 years does not make it Eastern Europe. .same goes for Czech Rep.) so not not even considering politics Eastern Europe is the most ignorant statement there could be it´s compeltely ignroing the other 1500 years of the countries history in favor of some 20 after war occupation years …)

  6. BoringSlovenian says:

    Another great video… After this one hopefully someone can help me (probably someone from Slovakia…). If I want to visit Slovakia for 3 or 4 nights, what should I visit? Please only places, reachable with 2 small children. Also places, where you can eat good will be nice to know. Suggestions?

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