31 thoughts on “Exploring TUNIS, Capital City of TUNISIA تونس‎ 🇹🇳

  1. Lotfi Dho says:

    Great tour man!
    Keep sharing adventures.
    One comment about being forbidden from entering the Masjid… Islam doesnt forbid non-M to enter Masjid but in fact encouraging this so please don't take an exception of a stupid guy who told you do not enter as a general practice in the whole country.. Next time (1) remove your shoes and go ahead entering with the only condition is to ask permission from any person and that person should be speaking English (generally students, tourism workers… ) so he understands that you want to explore inside and that's it.
    It's just matter of googling this question you will get the answer and actually you can challenge with it the non-educated guy 😅
    Peace out 🤝

  2. Nael Braham says:

    I hope you enjoyed your trip in Tunisia! I'm really pleased to see that you made efforts to gather informations about our history and our food, and I appreciate you went really close to local population. Peace!

  3. mohamed warsama Boss says:

    As a Muslim I believe the mosque should belong to everybody, therefore it is unislamic to refuse you entry. They should also know in the old days Christians and Muslims shared to pray in the churches when there were no mosques around in Syria.

  4. Icyveins says:

    Tourists coming to Tunisia are getting milked by some evil agencies and thrown into the "traditional" part or "el medina". I'm a tunisian and I'm sure most of Native Tunisians would recommand this: Come to Tunisia, stay in 40$-60$/night hotels in Nabeul/Kelibia/Hammamet, and enjoy your life in these places: you'll be not wanting to leave anymore as many of my tourist friends have been: cheap, peaceful, lively and warm parties/events everyday

  5. Sander Van der Valk says:

    I think it's not a tourist attraction to enter a mosque because it's God house. And we all should respect that.. maybe in sha Allah you do some knowledge about Islam you will become a Muslim 🇳🇱❤️🇬🇧

  6. Amel says:

    3:24 االحايك ❤ مانيش عافرة كي يقولوله بالتونسية ماشاء الله مازال شادة في تراث اجدادها

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