14 thoughts on “Extended Footage–Does Ukraine Have a Bright Future?! 🇺🇦

  1. Renny SILVER says:

    I’ve been in Kyiv a few years ago… love the city, people and food!
    I can picture you definitely living there… getting married with a beautiful woman and having bambinos!!!
    You also are really good with kids
    Good luck!
    I’ll be return to Kyiv… hope soon!
    All the best!

  2. Thisisme says:

    Дуже хороша ідея, показати різницю, між помпезною, непотрібною декорацією корупції та прогресивними молодими людьми, які створюють майбутнє, отримуючи насолоду, від процесу. Це дуже гарно показує, у якому напрямку, потрібно рухатися Україні. В нас дуже багато, талановитої молоді і думаю це відео, багато кого з них надихне.

  3. Dmitriy Dmitrov says:

    That Peter (guard man) is so foolish, he says only one negative and he don't want to see good things, in Ukraine so people names "зрадофіли" in English this word literally translates like a betrayalfeels this people want to looking for only negative, bad and destructive things, they want to see in everything the betrayal, they think, that someone something must them, they hate their own country, the government of the country, they don't won't to do something, they only want to get all and now, like the security guard
    I am apologize for my so badly English, the language is not my strong side, but I think that the sense is clear

  4. Alex says:

    Пацанчик слишком большого мнения о себе! Молодой и глуп не видал больших залу….

  5. Leon says:

    ПИТЕР С ВОЗВРАЩЕНИЕМ В Украину тебя.мы соскучились и ждали тебя.ты креативный добрый человек.

  6. Mihail Vovk says:

    Where did you find Ruslan, he seems terribly selfish :). And noone ever checked Poroshenko's current residence. I believe he lives not exactly same interior, but very close to it.

  7. Bohdan Lvov says:

    0:52 oh come on, I remember floppy disks selling in my alma mater in early 2015 so it's not that big a deal. It wasn't 5", just regular, 3,5", or how big is it. But still! They were showcased on a giant steel sheet and were hold there by a magnet.

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