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  1. Centros personalizados says:

    For all of you including Gibraltar as part of the U.K., note that either the Prime Minister of Gibraltar or the Gibraltarian residents know that its territory is NOT part of the U.K. but a territory defended by the U.K. and claiming a "right of self-determination" (claimed every 11th September). They also have claimed in the past, with no success, an integration or incorporation within the U.K. as similiar status to France's overseas departments or the Spanish cities of Ceuta or Melilla.
    Please also CHECK the list of colonies in the United Nations (Special Committee of Decolonization)… I don't see anywhere the cities of Ceuta or Melilla, so stop spitting bullshits from those mouths.

  2. Craig Seath says:

    When did the Union Flag (incorrectly called the Union Jack here) represent England. Nice ignorance of history of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I don't know know how much they paid the writer or indeed the narrator. I suggest getting professionals to do it.

  3. Luv Mite says:

    Does any body know that where the name "GIBRALTAR" has come from? it has come from an Arabic word " Jabal At Tariq" which means the mountain of Tariq. Tariq was a Muslim army commander who conquered this mountain in 7th century.

  4. Lidia Están says:

    For Spanish students of English:

    withstood = resistió
    sieges = asedios
    staunchly stands = resiste incondicionalmente
    looms high = se cierne en lo alto
    limestone ridge = risco de piedra caliza
    light fingered = de "dedo fácil" (mangante)
    treats = golosinas
    thwarted = frustrado, desbaratado (plan)
    gunpowder = pólvora
    hold off = mantener a raya
    ever since = desde entonces
    backdrop = escenario de fondo

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