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  1. Transport & Simulation Hub says:

    I plan to visit Hong Kong later this year or in 2021. Its a place that's always interested me but I have not yet been. Yes I am aware that some people are rude but I bet my next pint of beer that there is some good people there as well. There are good and bad people in all countries. I know some basic Cantonese that I remember learning back in the 2000's. Such as hello (Nei hou), How are you? (Nei hou maar), Thank you (Dor-je), Dor je-saai (Thank you very much) and Bye (Joy-geen). I am a bit rusty but I am sure that the locals will correct me if I make any mistakes. I will carry a bi-lingual book that is one of the point and say books as they are helpful with language barriers.

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