1. Tom Kelso says:

    Hey Nick, I hope you have many more places to travel and document. I have seen all your videos. More central America, Europe, more Asia possibly. Even Mexico, which many North Americans do not have a favorable opinion but it is a beautiful country with great people. I travel but you have opened my eyes. Many thanks for what you do and much love and light from Southern California.

  2. Fullmetal Norik . says:

    I'm a Russian / Armenian, born and living in Canada and I've been to Armenia three times and every time it's been absolute magic. I always feel like I'm home when I'm there, even though I was not born or raised there – I absolutely love your Armenia vlogs man. Cheers from Canada!

  3. Eugenia Herkamto says:

    Don't discourage with dislike or negative comments. You can't please everyone…………
    Keep marching forward with your travel.

    Anyway have you visited Albania? I might be missed it

  4. Joseph Magraw says:

    Slowly making my way up the list of videos from the start 🙂 hope you are well nick! almost don't want to reach the top now as then I'll have to wait for new content again 😉 hehe. Peace man x

  5. Alan Vranian says:

    My paternal grandparents emigrated to the USA from Armenia about 100 years ago. It's so very cool to see you visit a country to whom I owe so much of my childhood cultural influences. I'm happy you enjoyed it there (and escaped in one piece).

  6. mystical rainbow says:

    I was looking for things about Armenia and your videos popped up. I love what your doing. I watched one after another. Thankyou so much and keep doing them! Lori from farmington hills michigan!

  7. Lina y says:

    This makes me very emotional. I never got to go to Armenia due to the history. My grandmother always told me how nice all the people are and how generous. She said that they had a great simple life and that all changed. I got super emotional watching and i got to experience Armenia through your video.
    I will show this to my mom.
    Thank you

  8. Gina Akopyan says:

    I stumbled across your videos as I was getting homesick for my mother country, Armenia. And I'm so glad to be join your family and friend base, Nick! I'm so proud of you two and the media/politics-based cultural and religious barriers you are attempting to break through your travels, to spread such a beautiful, peaceful message to the world – that we are one in the same :)…the best of luck to you, and may God bless you and keep you safe in your adventures!!!

  9. Gordon French says:

    Congrats on your 10,000 subscribers. Always love watching your videos. I hope you stay Indigo traveller 😀
    That’s a good one when you said “all the haters, thank you” That’ll infuriated them more. Lol

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