35 thoughts on “How Expensive is NORTH KOREA?

  1. Bruce Bartman says:

    Your vdo' regarding the DPRK is astonishing. I believe they are the best I have ever watched. Two thumbs up! Just one question, have you watched them yourself? The closed captions have multiple grammatical errors. I am like WTF? Plus, vdo 6 I believe is in Spanish or Portuguese. No big deal though. Great job!

  2. Lweh G Htoo says:

    Please do to Burma and do video with Karen people I need appreciate it I think I’m the only one your fan ask it I know you will not do it but if you did this will go viral because right now they really need help and also what your did is amazing god bless you and your family 🥰😍😍

  3. Boey Wu says:

    I have watched your whole series of North Korea, cannot be better! And i like the perspective you show about it. Many times i m eager to explore something there, but i am just afraid of the unknowns, so your vid helps me gain an insight in to this mysterious country. Hope that one day i could set food there

  4. Lord Farquaad says:

    Hey man im from Slovakia .. can i ask you dumb question ? Is there in NK some thicccks or sluts … is there any chance fuck NK girl ? Thanx for the answe have a nice day.😂😁

  5. Ed Kerby says:

    Just checked the Koryo Tours they now offer one month stay in North Korea, I think thats the maximum now. Great North Korea series I loved it. Watching all you old videos to catch up

  6. MAGICK MIKE says:

    Sorry but Otto was told multiple times not to do something and he still went and done it. You are a guest in their country and it might seem odd but you should respect other countries laws well they are allowing you in as a guest. People want to argue it wasn't him but he probably didn't realised they have that hotel bugged so everything he was doing was monitored. Also they may have found the poster on him. But even if they had, American propaganda would have you believing otherwise.

  7. Rob J says:

    There are good people in every country. It’s governments that RUIN IT for the people of the world. We all want the same things in life. Differences in culture, language barriers, and taught hatred make us enemies. Japan was once America’s enemy. Now they’re our friends. What changed? REALLY, NOTHING, except our (and their) willingness to see other people in a different way.

  8. Seamus Ryan says:

    Korean girls are so beautiful on both sides of the border. I so plan to go there myself one day (not just for that reason). I suppose dating the local North Korean women is out of the question. Silly question I suppose.

  9. Robert Waddell says:

    What with all the Biased Journalism in the United States.. I commend you for being possibly the most unbiased man ive ever seen. You should be a journalist! In my humble opinion you would be a very honest one! Great videos!

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