21 thoughts on “HOW I MAKE MONEY.

  1. Leslie Szasz says:

    Great comment about MSM. Especially American msm anyone who is not on their friends list is enemy and its all bad. People are good everywhere and politicians are bad everywhere. People confuse political systems or political situations and mix the people the people up with it. People are people everywhere be nice smile and you'll be alright most of the time.

  2. Thinking Stork says:

    Hey you are super cute guy… I got in to your channel by accident, I was looking for a document, movie about history of middle east conflict, any way Thanks You for sharing your experiences from your trips. I will definitely stick to your channel for a bit there is a lot of good content to be watched.

  3. edward cnnell says:

    Tax laws vary by county. Here in the USA your travel transportation expenses are all business expense and exempted from taxation. Same for your hotel room. Here when you travel your employer can give you a per diem to cover meals limited to like $55 a day with some variation, especially for foreign travel. Since you review your meals the cost of any meal you review is a business overhead. So while doing your YouTube travels your expenses are not counted as personal income. The cost of your equipment, internet access and probable most of you phone expenses are all tax deductions and not counted as either business or personal income.

    Get a chance and watch a George Clooney movie 'Up in the Air'. Think you will identify with the character who traveled extensively. I worked out of state for eight months and lived in hotels and I actually enjoyed it.

  4. Steve Sexton says:

    So who finance's your travel? Don't think a coffee server will cut it. I know it wouldn't. Your a fraud bro. Just tell who is footing the bill for you to travel. Viewer's would respect you for the truth. Little of it came out at the end. Wouldn't want to do what you do. Safe travels kiwi man. What you do for companionship? You look young.

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