1. Camilo Poveda says:

    Cambodia’s an amazing country I visited Bangkok Phuket and siem reap in the same trip although Thailand was clearly a richer and more developed country the spirit of the Cambodian people touched me much more ! Those milo drinks they sell in the streets were amazing !!!

  2. Keith Douglas says:

    That's not human trafficking, those people in the trucks are going to work, mostly in factories that are run by the Chinese. on the outskirts of Phnom Penh on the way to Sianoukville ,you'll see many many Chinese factories ,these are just workers trying to make a hard living. Cambodia is a beautiful country ,very rough around the edges,but the people are very friendly.however it's a Country whose sole has been sold to china! I miss Phnom Penh after watching your video, be back there soon:-):-) keep up the good work nick! Good videos.

  3. Living in my Laptop says:

    Lol love visiting the motherland through you. I've been in the US since I was a baby because of the war but can I correct anyone who wants to properly pronounce Phnom Penh? Lol

    Its pah-gnome phen like hen. You're welcome.

  4. Francois Johannson says:

    I came to cambodia from the other side. From Bangkok to Aranyaprathaet with overland bus the with tuk-tuk to poipet. walking 1 km to the immigration and then paying 30 Euro for my visa. we were 4 people, we went to what we thought was an official bus station and gor scammed.
    the bus drove us 10 km outside for free to antoher station where we had no choice than to buy a ticket for 16 Euro each to siem reap (120 km) or walk back on foot. It was a scam, but in the end, not too expensive. On the way back we took a taxi for the half price.

  5. BIGJED75 says:

    We first went to Cambodia about 8 yrs ago and it has improved a lot in that time. But the pure horror that happened to those people is mind-blowing. In the end the Vietnamese freed them but stole almost everything they had left. Everyone new it was happening but did nothing, it was a true global disgrace.

  6. Roman Reigns says:

    my mother escaped cambodia during the pol pot era…most of her family wiped out…she never went back…horror she witnessed…she was a true warrior, survivor…shout out to all the cambodians out there 🙂

  7. carls y says:

    i know this is an old video, but next time you go to a country where human trafficking is extremely prevalent, please try and blur the faces of the people who you assume are being trafficked. doing this is respecting the identity of the victim and also not putting them at risk to being trafficked again.


    I haven't got around watching all your videos yet but I like the ones I've seen so far. this one really stands out to me tho. great editing and great choice of music with that moody dark track. Safe travels!!

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