46 thoughts on “I LOVE AZERBAIJAN PEOPLE! 🇦🇿

  1. Indigo Traveller says:

    Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan was an unbelievably epic trip, the nature and the people were what stood out to me the most, by linking the two countries together with a cargo ship voyage across the Caspian Sea made it that much more fun(even if I did crash my drone on the boat). Update video coming in 2 days time for what the next adventure holds, until then, let me know your favourite episode from my Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan videos in a comment below, you can watch both series here:



    Thank you for watching & commenting! 🇦🇿❤️🇰🇿

  2. Orxan Memmedov says:


  3. A.N.N.O Show says:

    hey guy I am from Azerbaijan and I can recommend you to visit Ganja(gence) It was a capital of Azerbaijan before but not now
    and that city is look like to Baku

  4. CAPTAIN OZRAil says:

    When I was there I wanted to start my business and I became disappointed when everyone asks me to leave not a good place for business not bad people but a little bit angry try not to joke with them they hated Chinese Indian and black people …

  5. DS Rai says:

    The people look really friendly there. Lada’s are so bad, why the fascination? The instrument the guy was playing looks like the one Mo had in Iran.

  6. Amir Dadashov says:

    I’m Azeri but I lived in England my entire life, I love the language and sense of humour of this place, I live in Baku, and those shared taxis will get you 😂😅

  7. just me says:

    Fuck you arabs 😡 You instead of open masjids, Quran-schools – you are using my nation poverty, buying girls, opening sheesha and other haram places. Laanat to all of you, almunafiqun and biggest liars. Only Europeans are welcome, because they behave respectfull to us.

  8. Preston Bagrationi says:

    OK, in "real life" DNA means NOTHING to people, it just is a curious subject.
    Case in point:
    Azerbaijani Turks carry about 40% Armenian DNA, Turks of Turkey carry 27% of Armenian DNA. Yet both of these "Turkic Muslim" peoples virulently hate Christian Armenia and are actively engaged in its destruction.
    An Azeri friend of mine had his DNA results, and he was FURIOUS finding that 78% of his DNA was Armenian. He still hates Armenia and Armenians. Most of the Azerbaijani people carry the Armenian genes.
    In as much as they hate us, they will NEVER escape their true identities.
    Go figure

  9. Masoud Bastam says:

    Azerbaijan is not real country and Azerbaijan is fake country. It is belong Iran landscapes and part of Iran. I hope one day they will go back and joining to Iran

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