31 thoughts on “INDIA IS EPIC | Rajasthan Travel

  1. Luke Buchan says:

    In 2021 I will be going to South India and Rajasthan super excited already, great video it has given me a bit of an idea into what to expect when I'm there!

  2. Karl Lober says:

    . thanks Man .. great video .. if you had 8 days in India in May as a newbie what would you do besides the Taj ? would you go to Shimla or a national park like Corbett? ride elephants or camels ? go with a tour company package for $1200 for two or go independent ? I will have two weeks there before we start the trip to get to learn a little ..

  3. rosi de palo says:

    I know this driver “Baba”, correct name “irshad khan” my personal driver, very good driver, during my trip in Jaipur. Very kind person! Jaipur it’s a so beautiful place to visit! Go to hawa mahal also, and if possible try to attend a marriage party!

  4. Czarina Marushka says:

    I went to Jaipur last Feb-Mar this year for the celebration of Holi. I climbed that same temple for sunset, well kind of, we got an Uber to the top. Lol. It was beautiful. Some of the bluest skies I’ve seen in my life is from Jaipur—absolutely beautiful. The climb down was horrible though, the monkeys terrified me and I had to be escorted by the locals, they were super nice.

    We went to four cities—New Delhi (least favorite), Mathura for actual Holi (best food), Agra for Taj Mahal, and then my favorite Jaipur! I absolutely loved Jaipur the most.

    I wish I watched your blogs before I went there, would’ve been a great guide. But it isn’t so bad now watching it after being there, feels like reliving the trip. ✨✨✨

    Thank you very much! 🤗

  5. Kieran Daly says:

    I loved it there. When you see local people on the train the women all in red and gold and the men are all in white with a ramrod back. That’s virile. Extraordinary. I liked Jaipur a lot.

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