25 thoughts on “INDIA IS OVERWHELMING 😵

  1. N J says:

    Your channel name is Indigo …. and u r totally against of India… creating very very bad image of my mother land. Good by…👋 never come back.

  2. DEKHO BHARAT says:

    India is very devloping country but you shown only bad thing do you work for BBC. Please also show good things. Please come to delhi also. Please come to our hindu temples. I pray to lord rama that they bless you.

  3. MY LIFE MY RULES says:

    This guy put a Very Negative Side of India In the very Beginning.. But For Pakistan , Afghanistan , Somalia etc.. watch his introduction.. Showing them as the Safest Country..

  4. nexttsar says:

    Thank you for going to India and sharing it with us. I can not imagine any reason why I would want to go there. The country is pathetic. Too many people and a poor excuse for democracy.

  5. Rivamus says:

    I could have sworn that was the beginning of a Seven Lions song at the intro of your video then my thoughts were confirmed when you dropped one of his songs later in the video. Great taste in music! Great work as well. Straightforward channel where you just show us what's in these countries and want us to decide if we want to go without putting in your own bias.

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