39 thoughts on “Indigo Traveller around Berbera Beach(GULF OF ADEN),Sheikh Mountains(BUURTA SHEEKH), Burco(BIG city)

  1. Abdullahi Muse says:

    Waw ! You're having high time in Berbera City and Batalaale Beach.
    I hope to come there soon and have my share of the sea, the sand and the sun ! Enjoy brother and good luck !

  2. Ratso Rizzo says:

    You know if every drug company spent 10 pence of their profits towards mosquito nets malaria would be eradicated from Africa but these drug companies don't want to do that because they need the profits sober thought 💭

  3. E N says:

    Glad nick told me to follow you ,you deverve to blow on youtube….seems every culture is great untill the west interfere

  4. Kadija Abdi says:

    MashaAllah finally my city Burco welcome 🤗, the owner of city Plaza hotel is from Sheffield UK 😂 many people in Sheffield are reer Burco. Hope you took some malaria medicine before visiting us there is terrible illness (fever,muscles pain )in town spread by mosquitoes. Nothing to fear about InshaAllah Khery

  5. Hrvoje Štaba says:

    Very nice job Khalid and well done for promoting your country so that everyone can see that people all over the world are normal and trying to live the best life they can:)
    Keep posting nice videos

    Big greeting from Croatia
    (i also came here through indigo)

  6. Ayaan Mohamed says:

    Berbera is my home town Woow Mashaa Allah Dear Bro another new clip in Berbera and beautiful day
    hope you enjoyable and peaceful so thank you for sharing your interesting videos
    Big respect.

  7. GoldenCrown says:

    Thank you for re-introducing The Republic of Somaliland to the world! Maybe a bit about the history of the country will help people understand where this place is? Get Edna too (if you can) !

  8. Acacius says:

    There has to be a mandatory half day of cleaning at least once every month. Especially taking away all the plastic bags and painting houses that needs repainting. The government needs to do better job at organising these type of Somaliland's collective community activities. It is both good for the country and for teaching future generations how to take care of the environment and how to keep the country clean.

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