45 thoughts on “INSIDE AFGHANISTAN 2019 (Extreme Travel Afghanistan)

  1. Indigo Traveller says:

    Here we go Afghanistan, hope you are ready for a lot of content from this war torn but extremely misunderstood corner of the world.
    A huge thank you for Unicef making this trip possible. If you want to donate to the children of Afghanistan (which will save lives) then follow this link to the custom Indigo Traveller/Unicef page: donate.unicef.org.nz
    Otherwise sharing also helps heaps, thank you! 🙏 🇦🇫

  2. Rashid Hussain Toorie says:

    One afghani family my father refuge them in our farm property.He was living in our land (parachinar attatched to Afghan nangrar khost and sharia border).A nangrari person who was our peasant told me that I have room a lot of area in afghan and Pak.But I never saw a best people like Toorie(kurmiwal shia comunity) in whole my life.they are different type sincere.

  3. Nadir Hosseini says:

    Hey the first thank u to visit my cuontry , my name nadir im from afghanestan but i living in italy, if you want we can going in herat city , thats city most beattiful , right my family there living in herat

  4. Luc Lue says:

    Nick, I just want to say how much I thank you man. You're doing real work here. I appreciate everything you're doing. I'm not sure if you consider yourself a journalist but you are providing us with quality journalism and how it's supposed to be. Non biased work and just examining a different culture from your own. I look forward to your videos and wish you the best of luck. Thanks man.

  5. Mooshi Mooshi says:

    I hope I can visit my hometown one day. I was born in Kabul, left when I was 1.5 years old and haven’t been back since. Thanks for the video watched it with my parents. ☺️

  6. John says:

    I'm a Pakistani and I love my Afghan brothers, Pakistan is your second home. I had tears in my eyes while watching those children in hospital.

  7. aziz sahibzada says:

    This video made me happy due to several reason. First, it’s not easy for a foreigner that come to here and walk around Afghanistan. Secondly, those people that show their love for my country. Love you all brothers and sisters❤️🇦🇫

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