47 thoughts on “INSIDE IRAN – American in Iran 🇮🇷(anti-American?) Episode 2

  1. Melika Rad says:

    Lol can you tell me what's the name of the first song you put "a girl sing it " I'm from Iran and don't know who is she 😂😂😂 that was really nice

  2. Muniba Kanwal says:

    Media always portrays negative n false side of Iran and Pakistan..thank you so much Peter for showing to the world this true image. Love from Pakistan for our brother country Iran 💖

  3. Robert S says:

    Dear viewrs, for your information: IRAN'S correct, true and original flag has 3 colors of Green, White, Red with symbol of LION and SUN in the middle, unfortunately the current symbol does not represent our nation it just represent the idiology who is not popular and hated by majority of the Iranians and that is the Islamic Republic. Has nothing to do with Allah which is the God according to muslems and no national meaning.

  4. Kamrul Hasan says:

    Allah bless Iran. Beautiful country, beautiful people. So sad to see they are taking a heavy blow of the US sanctions and the recent massive corona outbreak. Hope you will stay strong. Love from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  5. Al Shirani says:

    I am glad you made this movie about Iran, I think all Americans and even Europeans must watch this movie, I remember a couple of months ago I had gone to visit my doctor for a check up. I told him that last month I had gone to Iran to visit my family. He said that I must be very careful when I go there… I just told him that Iran is much much safer than many American cities… Unfortunately this was the mentality of an educated doctor in US… You can blame it on the level of brainwashing system in this so called free country….

  6. dji zzah says:

    out of all the wonderful foods and refreshments the persians have, i felt their coffee wasnt excellent yet, at least not in tehran where i visited, but im sure they will master the art of great coffee shortly, luv to all persians from australia

  7. Fatimah Bahrami says:

    Peter, thank you so much for this nice video. I am an Iranian girl living in Canada. Watching your video brings back all of my memories from my dear country and my dear city, Isfahan. I hope we reach happiness and freedom in our lives.

  8. pouria pahlavan says:

    I'm Iranian & I'm telling you guys;Iranian politics are a bunch of miserable old dirtbags who lack flexibility to negotiate with their so called "enemies " to bring peace for people! this nice people deserve the best!

  9. fawad khan says:

    i shock about iran ,very clean,roads and modern. and beautiful peoples ,music ,weather and Art. ❤before i seen only in media negative about iran .👌🇵🇰

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