28 thoughts on “IRAN UNCOVERED 🇮🇷 (Exploring a Remote Area of this Misunderstood Country)

  1. Yousef Maleki says:

    Bruh khorramabad is wa warmer than most cities in Iran. Its colder than the south only. Tehran, Isfahan, mashhad are the 3 largest cities in iran and all if them are colder than khorramabad. If you want very cold weather you can go to zanjan, hamadan, ardabil, tabriz, urmia and much more.

  2. Patrick Saunders says:

    Wow Man!! What a beautiful Country Iran is. The media always shows you the worst things there, just like they do Africa. It so orderly, peaceful, clean, gracious from what I see in your vids. The people are friendly. Beautiful!!!

  3. daj omu says:

    Great work Nick, Dave from Australia here , only today came across your video`s , I have been going through all your Iran trip video`s and

    have enjoyed them , they are thoughtful and interesting. your doing a very good thing.
    Take care and all the best to you in your enterprise.

  4. L.T.S. says:

    Awesome video. It never ceases to amaze me how public opinion is easily swayed by governments and medias around the world. It is because of these types of videos, I have learned to research everything i am told before basing an opinion. Subscribed. Thank you

  5. e.d.amini says:

    I live in south West Iran in a city in zagross mountains near Dena .if you want search about péopled in zagross must go to a wedding girls with very local colored dresses I sure you and followers pleased if see lors or Kurds weddings.

  6. Bob Juniel says:

    I have watched several of your videos now. Do you realise that about 50% of the video is of your face? When you show video of Iran it is rapid pan or rapid zoom clips usually less than a second. We need a few seconds to take in the image. A tripod is not just for distant selfies, it is a stable camera mount to avoid burred images. Consider voice over video of Iran so we can see what you are seeing. We don’t need to know what you are going to do before you do it, we just want to see Iran as you see it. 5% of selfie is enough, think about it.

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