37 thoughts on “IS POKHARA, NEPAL WORTH VISITING? Tour of the Beautiful Phewa Lake

  1. Tim Wood says:

    i'm so glad you commented on the elephant riding. While in Thailand and India I saw this and it made me super sad to see the way they treat those beautiful animals…poking them in the side of the head with sharp metal sticks to get them to do what they want for the stupid tourists

  2. binneystreet says:

    that's not a Nepalese pagoda! The peace pagodas are built by a Japanese Buddhist sect. they have them all over the world including Batteries Park in London..

  3. Isha Regmi says:

    I was born in Pokhara omg, can't wait to go back! Also, if you end up going back to Nepal, you should visit Mustang and Ilam:)) And I love your videos:)

  4. G Rad says:

    It's not child labor there, it's called life. Not every country are full of entitled pussies like north america and beyond. It's why their children aren't spoiled brats.

  5. M says:

    hahahah that french girl cant speak english! :)))))) Does she like expect ppl to speak french to her or what? lol

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