23 thoughts on “Jodhpur, INDIA – What Tourists Don't See 🇮🇳

  1. Sankalp Sharma says:

    There are many ancient things in india which you could have discovered, like a tungnath temple constructed 5000 years which is at the altitude of 3680m, if u wanna discover peace u should go to utharakhand, Mumbai and all this metro cities are fake india, if u really wanna enjoy discover ancient India but I luv ur vlogs the way u do it, luv from india

  2. s says:

    you are a keen observer and you are right to appreciate that indians esp hindus held onto after massive onslaught of invasions and destruction.How with all distractions going on outside you were able to notice the tree inside the temple

  3. Manish Kumar says:

    Peter, You have left more decent places to show of India. You have wasted more energy to show nothing. Before going anywhere do some home work. Your conversation part is good. Keep it good work. Need to put lot of hardwork to make your video authentic and innovative. Good job

  4. Keith Karmody says:

    Dude… I watch alot of these travel or travel/food videos but, real talks since falling down the YouTube rabbit hole, and stumbling onto your channel, gotta say, yours is the most honest and reflective… The fact that you marvel at the ornate doors… #KeepThisUp brother!

  5. ab202012 says:

    Very nice, Peter, especially explaining the meaning of SwastikA.

    svasti ==> su + asti ==> su, cognate with the Greek "eu", well, good;

    asti = exist, be

    Nickel is actually NIKHIL, meaning all, whole, complete, entire, e.g. nikhila brahmANDa or the entire universe. See : https://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/monier/

    नि-खिल [p= 545,3] [L=108015] mf(आ)n. complete , all , whole , entire Up. Mn. MBh. &c

  6. Rodney Marshall says:

    "A million different stories going on in one frame". I hope one day you will put all of your wonderful experiences into a book, Peter. You tell it with memorable images, but also with fantastic words.

  7. rahul deb says:

    Peter's video shows that you can really go into the secret nooks and corners of Indian cities on your own, and don't get mugged or cheated. In other words, it's much safer than even a lot of European and American cities.

  8. Rahul Mathur says:

    Mate . Do not restrict yourself to the touristy cities. The real india is in its small towns and villages. The mountains in India are something that you will take your breath away. Go to Ladakh. I promise you, it'll be the best place you've ever visited. Go to the state of Sikkim. The city of Dharamshala
    The north east of india is incredibly beautiful since it's untouched and raw. The natural beauty there is breathtaking. Find the serenity that is India. You won't find that in the cities.

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