32 thoughts on “KAZAKHSTAN SURPRISED ME. 🇰🇿

  1. Declan Gunner says:

    regarding the 'spanish' plane. These are actually wet leases from another country you've explored, Venezuela. the plane (usually with crew) comes over and just whacks on a magnetic sticker.

  2. F Haque says:

    Looks like the Zionists broke up former USSR because they wanted to release these Muslim rich regions under the pretext of independence; but in reality they wanted to access the resources esp away from Russians as Muslims are easier to control than Russians., So the 6 'Stans' are now brought under Zionist control. So a Zionist government will eventually remove Islam from this region to turn it into a Jewish takeover. There is enough Utube videos on Illuminati takeover in Astana.

  3. Alexa says:

    Watching these videos males me so sick of living in Toronto, where people are rushing everywhere and have a chip on their shoulder! Honestly so refreshing seeing friendly kind people.

  4. Robert Anderson says:

    "Waters of the Caspian Sea house 400 endemic aquatic animal species, including the Caspian seal (Phoca caspica) and sturgeons (90% of the world catch). The sea coast provides important sites for many nesting and migratory birds such as flamingos, geese, ducks, gulls, terns, swans." The Caspian Sea is the world's largest inland body of water, but may slowly be affected by evaporation.  Hopefully, it won't disappear like the nearby Aral Sea.

  5. YIN TING TENG says:

    Is Yandex working in Aktau? I have only been to Almaty in Kazakhstan. I have never been to Aktau in Kazakhstan, and am curious about the coverage of Yandex in Kazakhstan. I was in Uzbekistan, and realised that Yandex only worked in Tashkent.

  6. Pedro fp says:

    I found your videos in researching for my own trip to Central Asia, my fist international tourist journey at age 55. You've only made me more determined to make that trip. The ferry you hoped to catch is part of my intended itinerary too. Did you get it?

  7. Nikkie McEwan says:

    Hey Nick, we are a kiwi family living in Aktau, loved seeing your clips and tours of Kazakhstan. You totally nailed it! Your positive spin on things and research about the places you visit is awesome, keep it up man, you’re fab

  8. Nilima Rout says:

    Recently visited Kyrgyzstan and absolutely loved it. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are neighboring countries and seemed to have same culture and landscape. Mountains are absolutely breathtaking. Central Asian countries are most underrated when it comes to tourism. Do visit Kyrgyzstan if you get a chance and stay in one of those Yurts (nomad tents) near Issyk Kul lake

  9. Gregory Woods says:

    Nice Job Nick. You do not see many videos on Kazakhstan. Personally, I have only been to Almaty and it is really different compared to their capital city judging by your video. I like going to places that are not mainstream destinations. Kazakhstan and their people have a lot to offer and a rich history. I did not find prices as cheep in Almaty as you did in areas you were in. I fly from New York and my ticket was just under $900/UDS (15-hour flight) . Your price for your flight was amazing! Keep up the good work! Travel on!

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