48 thoughts on “KOSOVO BORDER CROSSING 🇽🇰

  1. Armend Vojvoda says:

    hahahah the church is relocated to the big one. The truth is that the locked church is politically-motivated church build by Serbia to occupy the land around University, so if our authorities would try to destroy it, they would cry out in UNESCO and UN. Also, that church is Orthodox, and the big one is Catholic. BUt cool and cute video. Thanks for being in KOsovo INDIGO <3

  2. Justinian says:

    Thanks for visiting my Country bro and if you chose to visit us back please lrt me know and ill show you around other cool places in Kosovo.
    Kosovos history for independece is really really sad 🙁 first had to fight the ottomans then the serbians and here we are building back our little love home 😄🇽🇰

  3. Mina t says:

    There is no such thing as the “Republic of Kosovo”. There is, however, the Republic of Serbia, which Kosovo and Metohija is a legal and historic part of – a Serbian province which is currently under the occupation of NATO and Albanian organised crime.

  4. Random Guy says:

    They are allowed to leave, lol. They just need visas. It's the only country in Europe where they still need visas to visit other European countries. It has been the same with Albania and Macedonia, Serbia and a few other countries.

    Also, that guy and his English… honestly very surprised. They speak very good English there. Amazing guys.

  5. Jovanovic Vladan says:

    If you knew the Shiptar – Albanians, the way they looks like, you could tell that the Nick is in the meter of fact the one. I know them well and I am shure that the so called Nick is Albanian from Kosovo!

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