33 thoughts on “KYIV/KIEV, UKRAINE – Best Parts! 🇺🇦(episode 2)

  1. PrinceAD says:

    I traveled to Ukraine last year in July.. Beautiful country.. Very friendly, helpful and nice people.. One of the most underrated countries in Europe! I stayed in Podil in Kieve and I've been to Odessa and Lviv.. Definitely coming again!
    Big love from Dubai!

  2. Galina Rod says:

    Good videos. Just came across your channel and saw your videos about Minsk and then about Kiev. What a difference. Very sad. I visited Kiev 30 years ago. Nowdays although it keeps its charms, it feels very run down. It's a pity for a such an important city in the history of our Slavic civilization. Minsk on the contrary looks extremely well looked after. Minsk was destroyed during the WWII and almost none of the pre war buildings survived. However, all after war buildings are kept in excellent condition and so many modern day buildings can be seen. The overall cleanness of Minsk is amazing. I really feel angry for the state of abandonment of Kiev.

  3. Christopher Smith says:

    This guy, hands down, has the best videos of anyone who has ever done Ukraine clips because he understands the unique depth that country has. He takes you into the belly of the real Ukraine. Great job Peter!

  4. Olena - says:

    I really enjoy your videos about Ukraine. I have lived in the US for over 15 years now, and haven"t been to Ukraine since then. But its a call of the blood I guess, I think about Ukraine and its future, my family is there.

  5. Dan Davidson says:

    Love your Video's, I want to take a trip to Ukraine, and wanted to know if you knew if some type of Health insurance is available in case of medical emergency, Thank You and Safe Travels to you.

  6. Bashiro says:

    Keep up the great work bro. Your the new ''Bald and Bankrupt'' the US version I started watching him when he had only 10k followers he has over 1 million followers now .

  7. Peter Peterson says:

    That feeling when you're somewhere in China and watch videos about Ukraine, because you miss the country so much!
    Thank you for the great content, Peter!
    BTW, you should go to Kamianets-Podilskyi, Bakota, and Carpathians mountains. Amazing places to visit 😉

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