1. laila says:

    Started to watch your videos a couple days ago. Super addictive. 🙂 Really glad to see that you have visited Latvia where I'm from. Hope you got the chance to explore my country a little. 🙂

  2. Andrew Flyer says:

    Severe lack of decent roads in these countries, not even a motorway. But never mind, my week is complete after seeing that Ukrainian Police car, not just any police car, but a Lada estate with blue lights flashing and siren on…epic!

  3. StarVid says:

    Latvia & Lithuania are actually northern Europe if you want to be correct, didn`t get what country is what besides Ukraine. Have been also in all those countries. I really like all 3 Baltic countries. Cheers from Norway!

  4. Stanislav Kostarnov says:

    Possibly the border crossing you went to would be mainly used by Poles, Belorussians and Russians, in that case the language barriers would be minimal. English was never really a priority in these areas, if you learned anything it would be Deutsch or Hungarian.

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