24 thoughts on “LEBANON is NOT what you think!!

  1. Aprillia Kasih says:

    I don't think the image of Lebanon is as bad as portrayed in the video. And certainly I've never heard people associating Lebanon with camels and deserts.
    Okay, admittedly I'm not American and folks over there seem to have some absurd stereotypes about many countries and regions, of course provided they have heard of them…

  2. maria seif says:

    i am from lebanon and i like that country so much not because i was born there or i live there no its because people are so friendly to each other and they talk to each other like they know each other for a very long time and they didnt even met before

  3. Sylex 77 says:

    Guys don’t hate on me and don’t say that I’m wrong cuz I live there know lebanon is realy unsafe cuz of the revolution and the dollars so there is like once of 2months a robbery

  4. Sajjad Gul says:

    I'm From Pakistan, but one day hopefully after covid-19 end will go to Lebanon to explore that Beautiful country and beautiful people. It's my wish to be there. I really love Lebanon and it's culture. 🥰❤️🧡

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