26 thoughts on “Let's Get the Burkut Family Running Water!

  1. Good Life says:

    Peter, after taking water, take this family for at least a week in the US. Let them see the other life. Many Ukrainians were not abroad, but here one family who has visited abroad and seen a completely different life, is able to change the opinion of many. For these people who fled the war, it will be the best gift to visit San Francisco and plunge into the ocean)))

  2. I C says:

    Dear Peter. Thank you for all yours episodes about visiting Ukraine. Great job !And thanks for introduce people of my country to the viewers in the USA. You are person with a BIG HEART and every one can feel it. I hope my small donation will be a little help to reach your goals.

  3. andrewUA says:

    Peter, what did your friends and relatives think about such an adventure? I mean, you ve been left alone there, out of civilization, not so far from the front line…were they worried? Or did they support you?

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