44 thoughts on “Ljubljana Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Petrol says:

    Just returned from Europe and thanks to this video I visited Slovenia. It was amazing, great people, clean city, safe, and very good food!, Next time I want to visit more of the country side but I know thing it is a must for travelers looking for special places.

  2. Sheryl Kibou says:

    The only one reason I know Ljubljana and Slovenia is by a game known voez in which there is a song named "the travellers of Ljubljana" composed by Lhou popnik. It's a really nice song.

  3. Janez Novak says:

    So many mistakes! It's not ''Ljubljana river'' but the river it's called Ljubljanica! Than, the group of three bridges wasn't built in 1842, only the bridge in the middle was built that year, two other were added only in 1932! It's not ''Joze Plecnick'' but is JOŽE PLEČNIK!, etc…

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