24 thoughts on “MEETING LOCALS IN IRAN 🇮🇷(Extremely Friendly People)

  1. wanderlauren says:

    I only newly subscribed in the last week and I’m really loving your videos!! I’ve started with your Iran videos and following your journey to Pakistan! (And then I’ll go back and watch the rest haha 😂)

  2. Tito Dalessandro says:

    My favorite parts, watching what you all eat , your surrounding scenery , the surrounding architecture and the transportation, kind of vehicles and cars, And the clothing people where.

  3. Tito Dalessandro says:

    I think the hardest thing to get used to , for me would be not eating on a table and sitting on a chair. Only because it would be uncomfortable.
    What are your thoughts about this topic , Nick?

  4. Sophia Ghobadian says:

    I love ure video because u are such open minded person and u look after unknown things in culture which is for so many westerse is not so important .’’And besides of have nice sexy cocktails and laying on beautiful beaches and to be in discotheek dancing still you can enjoy by talking ordinary people and their kindness ………and unknown customs and culture ‘ thanks by showing boundaries of humanity 🙏😍

  5. nexttsar says:

    As I have continued to say, your videos are super. For those of us who will never travel as you have, we are getting to see what the travel is like. People in Iran so very nice and subject to a bad government. Thank you for showing us lovely Persian people who are so hospitable.

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