48 thoughts on “my coronavirus story. (COVID-19)

  1. Mary Reynolds says:

    My heart goes out to you, your family, and so many others. I’m so glad you took your fathers advise as well..this is an evil, horrible killer virus! This is actually the only thing we can all agree on, right?!! I will not give up hope for a complete banish of this thing, and to never return to the people of the world. This I pray, amen!!
    Stay safe and well to you as well. Best luck to the family, and those over seas!!
    Take care! I look forward to a new normal, but my all of us fear the virus, and practice safe living!

  2. Liam says:

    Most likely they passed away from natural causes, WHO and the media are trying to cause fear and add non corona deaths to the list to make the list higher

  3. Far West says:

    Hey Indigo….I feel your loss in my heart but know that it brings your fans closer and makes the threat more real.
    I made a career out of maintaining organisms in a reactor with pure oxygen in order to clean sewage, so wearing ppe is nothing new to me….
    Currently there is no cure/antivirus for covid and it could take 1-2 years to produce one….although only those with symptoms are being tested, soon everyone will be tested and those carrying the virus will get the tracer app. This is the new normal.
    Moving forward….this type of info will have to be incorporated into planning your itinerary and ppe will be part of your attire…..throughout history anomalies have produced epiphanies of abundance…stay aware.👽

  4. WickedPissahVideos says:

    Does anyone else think the STRANGEST thing in this video was his reluctance to name the country he did not travel to? The way it was carefully skirted around can only mean China. How ODD not to just say it. Is this how far we have fallen from reason, that this man who is clearly cultured and curious is afraid to even SAY China for fear he will be assaulted by the PC mob?

  5. Neill P says:

    Thanks Indigo Traveller for this really humane video that you have made. I would have expected nothing less. I have really enjoyed your videos and I am sorry to hear about your loss within your family. Stay safe and well and when you are able to go travelling again, I will be sure to tune in!

  6. victor bozzo says:

    There has been A LOT of misinformation on both the number of illnesses as as well as deaths due to this. Suffice to say the numbers stated in the media are WILDLY inaccurate and even if you take the numbers at face value more people have gotten sick from or died from the flu than this "new" threat. If the flu has made more ill and killed more and we did not imprison people in their homes over it then this Quarantining of people is completely unjustified and criminal especially given the vast majority are healthy people.

  7. Arrad says:

    Easy to think you’re the only one affected, but what you said really clicked, everyone is affected by this no matter what.

    Very sorry for your loss. Stay safe.
    -A student stranded abroad.

  8. yogada francis says:

    You are probably, the best vlogger/journalist I have ever watched. I have had others watch your vlog and really feel like you do such an amazing job with your content and presentation. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that you do for humanity and showing people that normally would not get the attention in a different light! God bless!

  9. Jamsea Gal says:

    I'm sorry for you loss😢😢😢 from philippines here… stay safe hope this corona will end coz I wanna watch more videos of you exploring to other countries and wishing you to meet here in philippines soon..your my favorate vlogger

  10. Rotceh Cova says:

    I did not know you were based in Hungary, I've been living here from 3 years after leaving Venezuela so I just wanted to thank you for visiting my country and showing another side. I left 4 years ago and had not returned since, and your videos reminded me of places i love and helped with the decision of visiting my country again. (And i shared them with my hungarian bf to prepare him for the trip 😅) We just returned in January from there 🙂 Be safe!

  11. Andrew says:

    I'm confused, are you actually from Hungary and grew up in NZ for most of your life? Or you are from NZ and later moved to Hungary?
    I know either way you definitely spent most of your life in NZ bro, there's no hiding that accent haha you sound and even look just like my best mate

  12. Ruslan Drajev says:

    My condolences go for Nick and his family in these tough times! Nick, take your time to recover emotionally before you continue doing what you're doing. You've got a huge army of fans who support you and will patiently wait until you feel ready to continue (because traveling and filming things and then patching up these long videos is actually a lot of work) even after the world gets back to its normal way of functioning. No one will be rushing you. We know already that you're a great person (first example that comes to mind: your tremendous impact on the kids in Petare, Venezuela) so we, as other people first and foremost care about you getting back on your feet again after the recent tragic event that struck you and your family. Remain safe and unharmed! Much love from Bulgaria!

  13. Petit Pois says:

    You are such a classy guy and very wise and responsible. I follow a few other travel bloggers namely Krispyshort and Kara&Nate and while these other bloggers are hiding out in a foreign country living the luxury life, you went home so thank you for setting a wonderful example!

  14. Jose Mauricio Menezes says:

    Hi Nick, Congratulations for your excellent videos. It’s amazing the way you show all those different places and people. If you ever consider coming to Brazil, I have been living here my hole life, and can really help you with some information. Take care.

  15. Stephanie MM says:

    So sorry for your loss Nick, Im not a fan of vloggers and you are the one who really catch my attention with your amazing videos and trips, I discovered you because of the series in Venezuela, my home country, and I tried to translate this video also to Spanish cause I guess like me there's more people connected and fan of your videos and some of them may not speak English. Keep doing your great job and thanks for being so kind and understanding specially bc for me it's a big thing that you have gone to Venezuela. ❤️ Stay safe

  16. Samantha says:

    I really appreciate the point about “hustle porn”. I’d never heard the term before, but I have spoken to friends who have felt like their lack of hustle porn desires right now mean they’re not doing enough and everyone’s mental health is all over the place right now! It’s definitely an important discussion to be having.

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