43 thoughts on “my FAVOURITE CITY in MOROCCO for TRAVEL المغرب

  1. Indigo Traveller says:

    Thanks for watching guys! Hope you enjoy this video, it was so fun to make and as you can tell by the video I absolutely love this city! Please leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts of this video, I will reply to all of your comments! I am going away from internet tomorrow for a few days but don't fret I'll be back uploading very soon! If you haven't already seen the video where I climb Mt. Toubkal, then here it is; https://tinyurl.com/yc72xf6l Check it out! Cheers again everyone and see you soon!

  2. Graeme Cowan says:

    We loved Essaouria, wish you had shown more of the streets and water front fortifications. I am now following you, I hope you went to Chechaouen, right up at the top of our favs.

  3. HiXaM JOCULAR says:

    I hope you'd spent an amusing time in Morocco there's a lot of landscapes and mountainous places in the north deserve to take a look on them next time if you intend to come back it's suitable for hiking practice..thanks for coming : )

  4. Pau C says:

    You always do good filming and editing, actually makes your vlogs worth watching unlike most of the other travel uploads, thank you.

  5. Essie.2.0 says:

    100% agree Essaouira is my favourite too Thats where my mother in-law grew up Love love Marrakech, some of my best memories were made there, i only experience it with locals so slightly different for me If you only knew the real Marrakech you would keep coming back for more

  6. Sibole Staline says:

    Obviously the calming nature of Essaouira didn’t work on you. I refer to the angry smashing of a camera and the way you opened a new Mac device. What was that about?

  7. Grozaaïmid says:

    Visited Morocco twice – Marrakech and Casablanca. Wonderful culture and people. The only issue is with the ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of Western Sahara. People, please educate yourselves on Morocco's ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of Western Sahara.

  8. Nina A says:

    Ahhh! I just found your channel because of the North Korea vlogs (that are very interesting), and this is making me miss Morocco so much! Essaouira was my favourite place there too, I had such a good time there. Keep up the great vids!

  9. Khan Asim says:

    I'm been Morocco two time one time in Marrakech and one time in Agadir and the nation is brilliant very helpful very kind and very gorgeous people I love Morocco

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