27 thoughts on “Peter Santenello Interview – The Truth About Iran & Its Sharp Contrast With The MSM Narrative

  1. Jim Clarke says:

    No greater truth, if you push people, if you put people under pressure, especially if you kill people, they will always become your adversary and work to defeat your intervention. If you leave them alone, they will find their own path. They have their own culture, their own history and they must deal with their own problems. We can visit, we can look, but we should not dictate. You would not wish to be dictated to, so do not dictate to others. Something in the Bible, "do onto others as you would have done onto you."

  2. Max Carter says:

    Awesome interview 👍 I've traveled quite a bit and had remote jobs, now I'm back in the US and the quote about people being and feeling CONNECTED overseas is one of the biggest differences, I really miss it

  3. sasan ahoora says:

    I lost my job becase american sanction but l LOVE america.
    My aunt died when She could not afford her medical cost !
    Ignor regim propaganda
    90% of iranian people love USA.
    Sanctions only hurt normal people NOT regim!
    We = normal people
    we are NOT your enemy. We are NOT enemy of isarael. We are not enemy of saudi arabia
    We are just people.
    God bless IRAN and MAERICA and ISRAEL and all world.
    Sorry for my spell

  4. حبیب تهرانی says:

    ما ملت ایران با مردم خوب امریکا وهیچ جای دیگری در جهان مشکل نداریم.ما ایرانیها با سیاست اشتباه امریکا که خود گرفتار صهیونیسم جهانی شده ومردم امریکا رو استسمار کرده مشکل داریم وتا روزی که صهیونیسم جهانی نابود نشود به کارمان ادامه میدهیم.این نابودی مردم امریکا را نیز از بند صهیونیسم جهانی ازاد میکند.

  5. Germoney2000 says:

    I actually watched Peter's first video on Iran… and it was very inspiring.

    When Peter asked if he could talk about anything on your channel, and you said yes… and the one thing he chose to mention was Iranian women and their preference for An%l sex… I had to check out. (((sorry)))
    I wonder, in the future, if he'll still be welcome in Iran?

  6. torus mind says:

    Another great interview Ryan….. well done….. i would really like to see Chris Hedges on your show sometime…. i think there is a very interesting parallel between his very broad knowledge of the world, his philosophy and yours would be interestingly matched..

  7. SedAli says:

    I’m as an Iranian not satisfied with Peter’s story, the skateboard lady is not reflecting Iranian life nor lifestyle, it’s like someone comes to the US and run story about Gay of course not representing the country not even %1 of the population! Married women sleeping around is happening in any country but really that the bold reality of Iranian life day in and day out?

  8. Raf Zam says:

    Peter Santenello you say the US has not had any big social upheavals since Independence but in the Sixties the US had a lot of social unrest, especially from youngsters who refused to go to Vietnam and the Hippie movement became the cradle of many changes that have changed the whole world, with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates fueling it. It's nothing unusual to have youth always demanding changes from their official state leaders. It's part of evolution in any society. Iranian youth is doing their job as well

  9. LordBiggz says:

    Its ignorant to be offended at another country for not being like your own country. I dont agree with alot of their ways but in due time things could change , just cause usa went thru their fight about the same thing decades ago doesn't mean that iran should have been on the same evolution

  10. PMS says:

    Iran denies rapacious transnational capital interests the "freedom" to exploit Iran's resources (natural material and human). Iran won't indenture their population to IMF and World Bank loans or surrender their sovereignty to transnational corporations, nor will they yield to the "freedom" offered by private central banking interests. This is clearly evil and necessitates Anglo-American violence to liberate Iran for exploitation.
    As George Bush proclaimed, "you're either with us, or you're with the terrorists". Translation: You either surrender to the servitude of global societal dominion, financialization and exploitation, or you will be persecuted as a terrorist.
    How is Western extortion not regarded as terrorism?

  11. bigdaz7272 says:

    Fantastic information, as always guys exposing the Mainstream Corporate media narrative for the inversion which it so often is.
    We should build a Huge Roman style Colosseum and put said Government administrations inside, have them choose their Hand to Hand weapons and have them fight their enemies.
    Think of the Millions of innocent lives we would save, the money we would have to improve out lives and the human garbage that would be cleansed from this Earth, its a win win, can't think of a single downside.
    Wonder how quick governments would cease their warmongering bullshit then lol?

  12. George Carter says:

    Ryan takes people out of their "We're # 1, we're special" paradigm and makes them face the truth with facts and reality. This is like a left hook to the side of the head for these people because they can't process it because they've been so mind bleeped from growing up in the US.

  13. Bluebirdiran says:

    What everyone needs to do is to keep the fog lights on all the time because the only mandate the MSM has is to deliberately create fog so that nobody can see the truth.

  14. Christy Santiago says:

    I want everyone to think about this;
    All over the globe, so many countries know more about OUR pop culture, music, films & fashion, than many Americans.
    Why then, is it not so, that we American's also know so much about other nations pop culture, music, fashion, movies, etc!??
    If teenagers in Estonia know all of the words to all of our pop music here in the states, why do we not know any words to any songs of an Estonian pop song?
    Just a thought… But its probably American Exceptionalism (rolls eyes)

  15. Christy Santiago says:

    He may be one of the most beautiful humans, I've ever seen. Great conversation, so important to humanize the whole of our human population!!!
    Being a humanist, is such important work & is definitely the way forward to a more egalitarian future!

  16. Federico Mazandarani says:

    Sorry but you were tongue tied or could not express your emotions and feelings with freedom and clarity. Look, as an Iranian who haslived in England for 47 years I see more violence in one dy in London than I saw in 19 years of life in Tehran. Iranian people are children of love, you give them one smile and they give their whole to you. No one nation or country in the world loves foreigners the way Iranians do. The Iranian culture teaches you to consider foreigners, the visitors and strangers as the gifts of GOD. Unlike England where you are highly likely to be attacked in the streets for possessing curly black hair or darker than pale pink skin.

  17. Federico Mazandarani says:

    Iranians today are much freer, better educated and more powerfully cultured than they have been for the last 1400 years. A country which builds a Library 86,000 square meters large, the largest in the world, with three million uncensored books to borrow is not a land of repressed people, anything but, they are the most cultured people on earth.

  18. Mach1 GTX says:

    Fantastic interview and low down on what is really happening in Iran on a human level, the likes of which we will never hear via the Lame stream media. Peter, you've gotta new fan, Thanks All!!!

  19. Muslim Lover of Peace Man says:

    The Last American Vagabond & the daily wrap up is the 1st channel online Yt, Twitter, FB, ect i get my news from. All other news channels come afterwards, truly Ryan is doing an invaluable piece of work. Ryan deserves all that we can provide him to continue to doing such great work.!!

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