1. Michael Tayon says:

    As a common, spoiled, born and raised United States citizen, i humbly admit, my "candyass" (my dad's smart-assed name for every kid, and that was in the 70's!) Is not man enough to make it in those rough and beyond cold, low income, hard working industrial Baltic type countries! Nope!!!!! LOL 😂

  2. Luiza Matias says:

    I started watching you in your north korea videos and now im adicted! I enjoy so much watching you, such a good energy, i fell like you are my friend haha lots of love from Brazil 🖤

  3. MrTropics64 says:

    This video brings back some memories of my trips to Ukraine during the the winter months. If you ever go back in the winter time try the trains from Odessa to Kiev. Thanks for the upload sir.

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