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  1. Lucas Kamdom says:

    Yes indeed, Prague is a beautiful city and I think everyone should visit it: but like in many European cities it is very likely to get scammed. Don’t exchange money on the street as they will give you old money that ain’t worth anything, when you exchange money at a proper exchanger(which you must do, or you are sure to get scammed) make sure to check what it’s worth as a lot of them say they don’t charge commission and then they charge up to 42%, please share this comment and the video I attached, so people will only see the good side of Prague and they won’t have to face this, I recommend watching Honest guide, as he will guide you to not fall in those traps. The scammers might sound very friendly, so you trust them but then they scam you. https://youtu.be/DMZLvgAGx3A (here is the video, they all get caught, and if you ever see one, ask them to exchange a low quantity and then keep the change so you can call the police(and of course if it is real cash(make sure to check) you can exchange more money) and here is another video https://youtu.be/2zQ5j3T0v0I so you dont get scammed at exchangers, make sure to always check what it’s worth. Share the videos and follow me on Instagram at Trailyko2020, I also have a blog that talks about scams in Europe

  2. Rafi Castillo TV says:

    I have schengen visa issued by France, can i visit Prague directly as my point of entry? Will they honor my visa there? Or do i need to at least exit in France? … i heard that the rule is one must enter the country who issued the visa if one is staying in other schengen member countries for equal number of days .. or one can enter any schengen any schengen countries and exit either as long as you will stay the most number of days on the issuing country.. dunno if that made sense, but u got the idea 😉🤣

  3. KingNarco1888 says:

    I just came back from a week in prague and i cannot stop talking about it. i highly recommend it 100%. The city is absolutely stunning and its like im in a fairytale. Europes most gorgeous city

  4. Akatasz says:

    Came back from Prague just few days ago. Beautiful city, very clean, well connected, there are only 3 lines of metro which makes it easy to travel around. Delicious food and very good light beer, prices are quite cheap for a capital actually ❤ amazing gothic cathedrals, so many old places to see. From Prague castle and Vysehrad amazing panorama of city. The only upsetting thing was that you can come across quite a few racists people as I've traveled with my partner who is black.

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