32 thoughts on “Salt Lake City Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Rafael Paz says:

    I lived there for 6 months on a working visa. The mountains are gorgeous, however I found the city to be quite boring to live in. If I could get back in time I would probably have gone to places like California or Florida.

  2. R. Patrick Aarons says:

    Salt Lake City is beautiful, my wife and I live in Detroit Michigan USA and visited Salt Lake City on 12/07/2017 it was a sunny summer day in Utah, USA and we also visited national parks like Antelope Island State Park and the counties close to the city, we also stayed at the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel Temple Square was a hotel with a pool. We also visited Mount Timpanogos and went up the hill taking a picture of the city view of Salt Lake City. Thank you very much for visiting my country. I love your channel, more one subscriber, congratulations. God bless you!!

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