37 thoughts on “Selling My American Business From India 🇮🇳

  1. Peter Santenello says:

    Thank you all who have reached out and expressed your concern about traveling! I'm taking this very seriously and currently in my apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine and inside for the most part. I filmed this back in December. I hope you are all holding up well wherever you're at. This is an interesting point in time and we'll all make it through, we're all in this together. Stay strong and know that it won't always be like this 💪

  2. David Hasselhoff says:

    I had a mobile detailing business back in 1997. It was really hard to make it. I was a perfectionist and also only charging $175 per car back then. I finally just used my yellow pages ad to contract out all the appointments. One line ad gave me two appointments per day. Selling cars was much more fun and lucrative. I lived in Ukraine too btw.

  3. ahashimy says:

    This is really awesome content Peter, I throughly enjoy your travel videos! I also really enjoyed this intro into the absentee business owner topic and would love to get more content down the road

  4. Vivek Pradhan Houston says:

    Peter, u are on your way to a million subscribers in next 6 months, easy; for many of us, stuck at home for good part of 2020, due to COVID-19, watching your travel experiences is rather uplifting!

  5. Farouq Omaro says:

    Wow… you got a stamp from an Indian public notary. I wonder if we could make a hobby out of collecting documents stamped by public notaries from around the world

  6. Ahmad Abdullah says:

    When you explore a city, the traditional food of that place or area is must try.I have not seen traditional dish of udaipur,jodhpur and even Mumbai in your videos. Please work on that mate, the vlog becomes more interesting with food.

  7. Vineet Vidyarthi says:

    I’ve recently started watching your videos Peter and like your videos you look real to me and I’m sure you’ll achieve everything you’ve dreamed about…Wish you the best for all your future endeavours!!

  8. Vera Mamalat says:

    I have no idea how you travel in the world for cheap because ticket to Ukraine its 3000-5000 depend of the season plus hotels there not cheap and food. Only if you travel like бременские музыканты it’s mean like gypsy, which not everyone like to run after flight and bike around the world 🙄 when you get to age of 40 you you should have have a minimum in your life to do thinks with comfort.

  9. Warren Skill says:

    I’m totally embrace your vision and I’m a new subscriber and I have been binging on your videos lately .
    I embrace difference I love learning new stuff especially cultures I don’t like repetition unless producing something maybe predictability bores me silly
    But so many are scared of what they don’t know and love the same old everyday as it brings them comfort .
    I have been to Peru and I love the place there I learnt in more depth how people can be happier when they have less how a community can respect what little they have and respect what they have .
    At times I think we are all spoilt brats in the west lol including me at times moaning about what we don’t have but when you see people in other cultures make so much out of so little .
    And look at the colour and vibrancy in non western cultures in the west we love creme and beige and cookie cutter houses etc this shows how lack of culture and identity I believe .
    I once got my 15 minutes of fame on TV and I said
    Love and understanding NOT
    Hate and judgement
    Is needed more in this world

  10. Pradeep Rajagopal says:

    Hi Peter, Just subscribed to your channel today, the first video itself was lovely about the richest neighbourhood in mumbai, do visit India more often, its an enigma and would love if you can add more videos of the ancient hindu structures / temples etc to show it to the world how rich India's tradition was. These type of street tours are lovely and keep making more of them.

  11. Kshitij Vaibhav says:

    For how much dollars 💵 you sold your business can you give little brief about your business & for youngster like us can u advice us about ease of doing business in America with pros n cons please make one video dedicated to n USgovernment support for business entrepreneurs

  12. Malik Qadeer says:

    Thank you for sharing these inspiring videos of yours with us. you are a very courageous man, who takes on such adventurous trips. We are going through an extremely difficult time here in New York city. Hope we all will come through it safe and sound. May be one day you could share with us that why Ukraine? Take care and be safe.

  13. Zach Colton says:

    Hey Pete congrats on selling VIP! Been enjoying watching your videos! Hope all is well! And thank you for giving some random college kid the opportunity to manage a business at such a young age… learned a lot, and grew as a result! Tell Luis I say hello if you are still in touch!

  14. Mark C says:

    Cool vid Peter, hope the sale went through?

    Best for the future, I have now seen all you vids from virtually day uno and look forward to the next one. 🙏👍✅

    I like your style BTW, ships in the harbour etc…I’m similar, you must be a Springsteen fan or just a free spirit like myself.

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