34 thoughts on “SIGNS OF U.S.A. ON STREETS OF AFGHANISTAN (Extreme Travel Afghanistan)

  1. Paul Mancuso says:

    I was deployed to eastern Afg Nuristan province in 2011-2012 . Although it was a very dangerous time and place alot of the local people were some of the most welcoming and hospitable people I have ever met. Nuristan province is in the hindu kush mountains and is breath takingly beautiful. Massive rugged mountains with thick green valleys and rivers that give life running through them. I still think about that place every day and actually miss it and its people.

  2. Michael Hughes says:

    I think it's important to put things into perspective. The gentleman who bought the American flag banner is not apolitical. He simply aquired it because he liked it. It is a colourful wall for his shop. Someone at a later stage told him that it maybe the Amer. flag and it still doesn't faze him. He simply doesn't know ANYTHING about the US. It may as well been a swastika. There was a story that came out years ago about a group of wealthy tribal leaders who were shown a picture of George Bush. None of them had a idea who he was. They were then shown a picture of the World trade center and finally one of them spoke up, saying that was definitely in Kabul. Basically, 99% of Afghani people don't have a clue about the US, what it looks like, where it is and indeed what happened on 9/11. Now to put all that into perspective, try asking the average American, with all of their modern advancements and seamless access to information to point out Afghanistan on a map? Would they be able to tell you what the Afghani flag looks like? Exactly! So my point is this, these people didn't blow up the World trade center and the people that came to their country to avenge that attack may as well been from Mars. And that's the truth.

  3. DIKI NIANTO says:

    I was crying if repeat this video when I saw the kid with red jacket….he still so young for working. Love from your brothers inΒ Indonesia Muslim Country

  4. Xinnie The Pooh says:

    Its pretty funny that all the guys mention how great the security forces are and how peaceful it is. I dont doubt it much but its funny that they are put up to it (maybe).

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